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If you have been injured in an automobile, trucking, or motorcycle accident, let the attorneys at Mauriello Law stand up for you and your rights to compensation under the law.


Mauriello Law can help you with a wide range of personal-injury claims, from slip-and-fall accidents to dog bites to injuries resulting from environmental factors.

Boating Accidents

At Mauriello Law offices we have handled numerous cases involving injury or death concerning the negligence of boat or personal watercraft operators in the Carolinas including accidents on Lake Norman and High Rock Lake. 


The negligence of doctors and nurses can cause patients serious injury. If you have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.


Losing a loved one is always difficult, but when his or her death was preventable, the loss can be even more devastating. Let us help you and your family hold those defendants responsible.


Alternative dispute resolution can be an effective way to avoid the costs and stress of prolonged litigation. Let certified mediator Chris Mauriello help guide you to a successful resolution of your dispute.


If your reputation has been damaged as a result of a false and defamatory publication, let the attorneys at Mauriello Law fight for you. We are here to help!


Business disputes can be timely and costly for all parties. Trust the attorneys at Mauriello Law to help you reach a fair and effective resolution so you can return your focus to your business.

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We are in your corner!

When you need legal representation, you need a dedicated law firm with experience and knowledge on your side.  Whether you have been injured in an accident or are involved in a contract dispute, the attorneys at Mauriello Law Offices are here to help.

With an office in Cornelius, North Carolina, we provide high quality, personalized legal service to individuals and businesses throughout the Lake Norman region, Mecklenburg, Iredell, and surrounding counties


  • The professional and expeditious manner in which Chris Mauriello and his Associates addressed our collection issues produced positive results each time we have needed his service. I've been in the international service business for over 40 years and have not received the level of service Mauriello gave me with anyone else. I would readily recommend their services.

    Ricky Simpson
  • My experience with Mauriello Law Offices was 100% positive! I would not consider going to any other attorney. I received the entire amount that I was seeking in my settlement, including my attorney fees. Chris Mauriello is a highly skilled attorney who fights hard for his clients!

    Erik Miles, MD
  • Mauriello Law Offices represented my grandmother when she was injured after a fall. North Carolina is one of only 2 states that still has a loophole in the law that can protect establishments from such cases. In spite of this Chris was able to secure a settlement to help my grandmother with her medical bills. He truly went above and beyond while working with our family. He demonstrated incredible knowledge of the law, took the time to explain it in terms we could understand and always took as much time as needed to answer any questions. He even continued to follow up with my grandmother after the settlement had been reached. He and his amazing team became an extension of our family. They genuinely invest in their clients and fight to get them the possible outcome even in the most unfortunate situations. I honestly don't know what we would have done without the help of Mauriello Law.

    Katy Bridges
  • Among over a dozen law firms I contacted for my difficult product-liability case, Mauriello Law Offices was the only one up to the task. They quickly assessed my case and informed me of how things really stood. They did not try to sell me their services by offering empty promises and raising false hopes. They told me what they could do – and they delivered, exceptionally. For those looking for a law firm and wanting straightforward and honest expertise with results to match, call on Chris Mauriello and his team.

    Patrick S., Charlotte client injured by product defect
  • I was referred to Mauriello Law Offices by an associate to handle a cargo claim. The staff members at Mauriello Law have always presented themselves in an efficient, professional manner and have always been available for any of my questions. Although our case is still ongoing, our overall experience with Mauriello Law is very positive, regardless of whether we win or lose!

    Tim H., member-manager of Mooresville business
  • Mauriello Law was there when I needed them. They took on my case promptly, did the work, and handed me the check. I could not have asked for more.

    Sheila D., Cornelius resident and auto accident client

Recent Verdicts and Settlements

One deceased, three injured in tractor-trailer accident in Gaston County
  • Claims: Negligence resulting in Wrongful Death, Personal Injuries. A family of four was struck by a tractor trailer while stopped at a red light on a highway in Gaston County. Three members of the family survived. The driver suffered a traumatic brain injury, and the front passenger and their child, who was in a rear car-seat, also sustained injuries. One family member, age 83, who was in the back next to her grandchild, was killed in the accident.
  • Settlement: During a pre-litigation mediation, the parties settled the matter confidentially for an undisclosed sum.
  • Plaintiffs Attorneys: Chris Mauriello and Shannon Reid

Minor plaintiff receives policy-limits settlement after suffering traumatic brain injury
  • Claims: Negligence resulting in Personal Injuries. In Asheboro, North Carolina, a minor-plaintiff was forced off a rural road, down an embankment, and into a wooden fence. A wood post crashed into the vehicle, striking the minor and causing him severe trauma, including a coma and resultant closed-head injuries.
  • Settlement: The case settled for $300,000.00, which was the maximum liability and underinsured policy coverage.
  • Plaintiffs Attorney: Chris Mauriello
Patient suffers traumatically-induced neurogenic bladder in Mecklenburg hospital
  • Claim: Medical Negligence. A Huntersville woman underwent a robotic hysterectomy and suffered a traumatic injury to her bladder. As a result, the patient will require a lifelong implanted interstim device to stimulate and control bladder function.
  • Settlement: The case was settled at a court-ordered mediation for a confidential sum.
  • Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Chris Mauriello and Harry Albritton of Dawson and Albritton, P.A.

Wrongful death results from a slip-and-fall at a dialysis center in Albemarle
  • Claims: Negligence resulting in Wrongful Death at Medical Facility. As a patient was entering a dialysis center, she slipped and fell, hitting her head. Despite her injuries and pleas from other patrons to seek emergency care, Defendants took the patient and hooked her up to receive dialysis. During treatment, the patient lost consciousness and died the following day. The cause of death was listed as a subdural hematoma (bleeding within the brain).
  • Settlement: The parties negotiated a confidential settlement agreement.
  • Plaintiff’s Attorney: Chris Mauriello
Charlotte news station defames Lake Norman High School graduate
  • Claims: Libel, Slander. A local news station broadcast and published false and damaging content about a young woman in the Lake Norman area. The story generated public controversy and wrongfully thrust the young woman into the media spotlight for an act she did not commit.
  • Settlement: Prior to filing a lawsuit, the parties were able to negotiate a confidential settlement agreement.
  • Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Chris Mauriello and Shannon Reid
Cornelius man falls, sustains serious injuries in handicap parking spot
  • Claims: Negligence resulting in Personal Injury at Business Premises. A pot hole filled with loose gravel in a handicap parking spot at a local restaurant caused a man with a walking handicap to fall and injure his foot and ankle. He was treated by arthrodesis surgery, a triple fusion of his foot and ankle, in addition to pre- and post-operative physical therapy.
  • Settlement: After filing a lawsuit, the parties negotiated a settlement confidentially.
  • Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Chris Mauriello and Shannon Reid

Plaintiff injured by firearm discharged by a minor under negligent supervision
  • Claims: Negligent Supervision and Premises Liability. After retrieving a handgun inside a Huntersville residence, a minor negligently fired the handgun and injured the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff filed a lawsuit in Mecklenburg County against both the shooter and the owner of the premises.
  • Settlement: The case settled for a confidential amount.
  • Plaintiff’s Attorney: Chris Mauriello